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Focus on the Foreclosure Crisis.  Time and Terms 

It's 2011, the fourth year.  Rhode Island is the hardest hit state in New England. Our unemployment is among the highest in the nation. As of December 21, 2011, at least 10.5% of Rhode Islanders are unemployed.  So many more are underemployed or given up. We have even lost population.  When homeowners lose their home,  the homeowner loses, the lender loses, the community loses, and other homeowners lose value. Other homeowners can't even re-finance or sell sometimes, perhaps getting into trouble themselves. Some investors will win, one day, but that's four losers and one winner. Our cities and towns are holding large tax sales too. People are also losing their homes because they can't pay tax bills in the hundreds or a few thousand. Let's do all we can to make sure lenders extend time and terms to keep people in their homes.  Values will stop falling, our homeowners will feel more confident and they will spend more money and the consumer economy will strengthen.  That will be good news for Rhode Island's economy.  Some say "Let it fall." But I say, even if your neighbor holed his own boat, you'd lend him a pump as long as he was was pumping too. You wouldn't let your neighbors house burn, and say they were foolish to buy it in the first place. Let's just stop the downward spiral. No handouts. No principle reductions required, just time and terms for good faith owners will stabilize neighborhoods, markets, local tax revenues and fees, and build consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is 65% to 70% percent of the U.S economy.  More than 60% of employment is in the consumer sector.  Let's see if we can lead lenders and owners to make it work. 

Reconstruct Healthcare Reform easy as 1,2,3.

1.  Guarantee Access With Accountability: Issue a Medicare or like card to all. Eligibility will not be expanded, but the card will be issued with training on how to access the health care system required so as to facilitate efficient choices and reduce ER overuse.  The card holder will access healthcare but be subject to wage and benefit withholding in a reasonable manner to see they pay their bill. This will guarantee care but keep people engaged as accountable consumers.  The government role will be to protect the right of access but also to promote individual accountability

2.  Medical Savings Accounts:  Enable and encourage tax deductible medical savings accounts for everyone, reducing the need to use the the access and accountability card, providing for future medical needs ainclusing cosmetic needs, and also providing a possible source of funds to reduce the burden on medicaid.

3.One Nationwide Marketplace: One way or another, let's get all the states on the same sheet of music with a major medical policy standard that stimulates competiton while offering good insurance. Using a Uniform State Laws process also offers a relistic opportunity for tort reform.

​Ensure Cyber Policy Doesn't Go to Far

Computer and network reliance make us subject to attack or theft by electronic means. The Federal Government was created to promote and protect the general welfare, provide for the common defense and to help promote and regulate commerce amongst the states upon which we depend. But, citing and proclaiming fears of cyber attacks, Congressman Langevin has promoted a proposal to concentrate too much authority and power in the White House where Executive Priviledge claims could impair congressional oversight. A congressperson's role is to craft policy in a way that shows an understanding of federalism and it's importance to the preservation of the republic and our freedom. Like most other lawmakers, such as Lieberman and Collins in the Senate, I would put cyber security under an agency where it belongs and where it is more readily subject to congressional oversight and where the agency can develop expertise without out undue political considerations for the long term and without dangerously concentrating power over what Congressman Langevin calls the "Whole of Government" in the White House. Cyber security is important, but not more important than federalism, separation of powers or common sense.
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